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At our West Side Chicago office, we are now offering traditional orthodontic care for children and adults which may be covered on dental insurance. Only those twenty years of age and younger are eligible for DentaQuest benefits.

During your orthodontic consultation, we will be able to assess your orthodontic needs and provide recommendations for treatment. Treatment time varies from patient to patient and depends on severity of the malocclusion.

Be sure to contact our office for more information or to set up an appointment for a consultation with our West Side Chicago Dentist today!



DentaQuest offers a form of healthcare to low-income families or individuals with children called, All Kids Medicaid Insurance. With this program, children who receive the Illinois medical card may qualify for orthodontic coverage.


Qualifying for DentaQuest Coverage

To find out if orthodontic treatment will be covered for your child, you must first set up an initial orthodontic consultation at our West Side Chicago Dentist Office. During the consultation, we will evaluate your child’s orthodontic needs and will determine if your child qualifies to have records (photographs, models of teeth, x-ray images) submitted for pre-approval. If your child does qualify for pre-approval, we will send out his/her necessary documents to DentaQuest to be evaluated.

There is no charge for the evaluation process and generally takes 3-4 weeks for DentaQuest to evaluate your application. Once our staff receives a response, we will contact you.

If your child does not qualify for orthodontic treatment through All Kids Medicaid Insurance, you will receive a letter from DentaQuest stating that orthodontic treatment was denied.


Payment Plans and Options

At our west side Chicago office, we believe that every child deserves a beautiful and confident smile. If your child does not qualify for All Kids Medicaid Insurance, we would be able to work with you to help you establish a financial arrangement that will work for your family’s budget. We offer multiple payment plans and options that can be customized to your budget. We understand how important your child’s future is and will try to do everything possible to help you provide your child with a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime.


Special Offer

We provide braces for adults and children of all ages. With our special offer, you can get braces for $199 down and $199/month. Some restrictions apply. Contact our office for more information about this special offer.

If you would like more information about DentaQuest or would like to set up a consultation with our West Side Chicago Dentist, please feel free to contact us!