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At Madison Pine’s dental office, the ever-popular “Kid Zone,” we strive to make your child’s visit calm, reassuring, and fun! Too many kids are unnecessarily afraid of the dentist, but in Kid Zone, we cater directly to them and their needs — they are our honored guests!

Kid Zone is modeled for children, with welcoming, muted tones and bright accents, while using kid-centered visuals like fun movie posters, pictures and toys. Your kids know that this place is just for them.

In addition to the inviting environment in which your child will be cared for, our west side Chicago dentists seek to educate children on the importance of proper oral hygiene. We take the extra time to discuss and assess your child’s dental habits and make sure they understand the necessity of dental care. Preventative maintenance will save you a lot of time and money at the dentist, and we aim to teach kids the value of taking care of their teeth and gums.

We work with the All Kids public aid dental program provided by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to ensure that all kids have access to preventative and corrective oral care. Make an appointment with us at your local Austin Chicago children’s dentist office today!

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